zondag 28 februari 2010

donderdag 25 februari 2010

Maybe I am getting ahead of things

but I think I got a kiss from spring today. It was whispering 'everything will blossom..
just wait and see'.

woensdag 24 februari 2010

Corner View: Street Photography

This corner view made me think..where did I put my feet in the passed year? So I dived into my archive and came up with this small selection. There is something magical about walking. Wouldn't it be amazing if it was possible to put glow in the dark paint under your shoes and could see from a far distance every place you walked? With every step you take you expand your territory. So keep walking :) (while listening this)

(the shots I took in Brussels, Berlin & other places in Germany, Vienna, Amsterdam, Groningen, Den Bosch)

dinsdag 23 februari 2010

Seven pieces of me

bichos da matos gave me the kreative blog award, the rules are:
Reveal 7 things about yourself and pass it on to 7 other creative bloggers.
So here it is, seven pieces of me..
1. When I was a kid I wanted to be an inventor, I was very serious about it and was crushed when my mom throw away one of my 'inventions' cause she thought it was just a box.
2. One of my biggest fears is making the wrong desicsions.
3. I am never bored
4. Nothing makes me happier than brainstorming
5. I am always wandering.. what if? A question that can bring you to great heights and deep lows.
6. Although I am a people person, I don't need to have people around me all the time, I love just being on my own.
7. I have a weak spot for travel stuff and everything that comes in travel size, I think it has something to do with freedom and back to the basics.
And now I want to pass it on to:
So feel free to join or just take it as a compliment :)

zondag 21 februari 2010

:) & :(

Unfortunately the last few days I wasn't feeling to well (3) , spend saturday mostly on the couch, not really being able to do anything and frustrated because I had to cancel two things I was looking forward to, but what can I say..shit happens. Shit also happend for the Dutch cabinet, which collapsed yesterday. So by exception we were talking politics at the sunday coffee I had at my parents house(2). There were also some highlights, friday I had a great day sharing inspirations and frustrations ;) with 5. & 6 , yesterday bichosdamatos. gave me the kreative blog award (thank you! :) which I will answer and pass on hopefully tomorrow and today looking out of the window I saw the sun winking at me. Really.

woensdag 17 februari 2010

Corner View: Wisdom from an elder..

This weeks theme is 'wisdom from an elder'. The biggest lesson I learned from my mom is not asking myself why, but why not? That's a whole change of mind when you think of it. She always told me -and still does- that all things are possible.
I keep myself in balance by this wisdom my dad teached me: Keep It Stupid Simple :)

dinsdag 16 februari 2010

You are now leaving your comfortzone

(Acrylic paint, ink & crochet on canvas 20 x 30)
..is the long title of this small painting. This painting experience was the opposite of the day before. Sunday I had a clear image in my mind, a memory I wanted to capture and I knew more or less how I wanted it to look beforehand. Yesterday evening was more like a battle and I remembered why I hate.love. painting.

zondag 14 februari 2010

Captured in paint

('Red Curtain', Acrylic paint on canvas, 50 x 60)

Some memories can only be captured in paint.

Stockholm, part 5

Today the last part: 'Outside the city'. In the busride to the aiport we had a peek in the countryside. So peaceful..
Today I'm working on a painting, it really has been to long. Enjoying it a lot! More about that later...
(@J & C, ik wou eigenlijk alleen een opzet voor as vrijdag maken maar kon niet stoppen :)

vrijdag 12 februari 2010

Stockholm, part 4

Today: (some) Folklore.Walking through Stockholm it's impossible to miss Dala's horse. I can understand why: it's a pretty design with bright colours and of course it's one of the most welknown symbols of Sweden. We saw really pretty antique ones, but also modern graphic interpertations. There is definitely a renewed interest in Folklore in the air, don't you think? This was also confirmed when I opened the scandinavian Elle. So of course had to take a bit of that home.

1. Paper 'chain' I bought

2. Kitchen towel I bought

3. Photographed in a shop

4. Elle (february 2010)

Stockholm, part 3

Today: (window) Shopping
Promissing shop windows that didn't let us down. Lot of little shops, unique and packed to the ceiling.
(At the last second hand shop we visited we were alone for like half an hour and we even had to knock on a door really hard to make the owner come to the shop so we could pay! )

donderdag 11 februari 2010

Stockholm, part 2

I've decided to organize my photos in themes. Today: walking through Gamla Stan. I'm not too enthousiastic about the quality of the photos'(I'm having some problems with my camera settings), but I hope you get an idea of the atmosphere. It reminded us about the Dutch illustrator Anton Pieck .

In the coming days I will post about: Shopping, Folklore & Outside the city. Hope you'll enioy!
(edit: sorry the link didn't work, now it does!)

woensdag 10 februari 2010

Stockholm, part 1

I'm back! With a head and a bag full of images. I don't think I am exaggerating if I say it was a perfect day. Because we had limited time & budget we more or less stuck to one area: Gamla Stan. That was like walking through a fairy tale..beyond our expectations! I already want to go back and explore the rest of this amazing city.

To be continued..
(oh and I want to excuse myself in advance, because when I see the inspiration on my table I know i will be nagging about this for a while ;))

zaterdag 6 februari 2010

As Swedish as it can get

Tomorrow I'm flying to Stockholm! It is only going to be a flying visit, but that doesn't make me any less excited. It will be my first time in Scandinavia. For preperation I pimped an old notebook for writing and drawing those few hours (2 nights, 1 day) we will be spending there. And..I built a piece of ikea furniture for the first time myself and since I am not really Bob the builder, I'm kind of proud. Stockholm here we come!

donderdag 4 februari 2010

I [heart] sketchbooks!

I love love love little books with blank papers (see 'dummie'). It allows me to play, which is in my opinion the most important (and fun) skill for an artist, and maybe even for human beings in general. The last one is especially precious to me, because I'm getting better at the 'playing'-thing. Doing, not thinking (that's the hard part for me) Playing with colours and shapes, quick drawings and ideas and inspirations written everywhere. I'm so excited about realizing them!
And I also started a new one today! Exclusively for colour combinations (first photo).
What about you? Do you keep a sketchbook or some kind of journal?
(cuteness @ My life is ... )

woensdag 3 februari 2010

Corner View: Sweets

1. Old style sweetshop/ 2. Sweets @ Starbucks/ 3. Sweet surprise (from 7 years old M.)/4. Sweet me? Yes I'm afraid it is me. 5. (sweet) Wisdom.

Tastes like more? See Jane or sidebar 'corner view'!

maandag 1 februari 2010

Time Travel

The tv shot was made with help from photofunia.com , a lot of fun (via tiene) . I'm wearing a hat I refound during clearing out my closet, I inherited it from my grandma, who spend a lot of money on hats. The book (from around 1935) was a gift from Merel, and a beatiful addition to my collection. Is it realy 2010?