donderdag 28 mei 2009

splendid suns

A smiling little boy, with little to smile about. He lives in one room with his father, babybrother and heavily depressed mother. She had to leave her children behind in Afghanistan Today I finished 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' . A bridge between me and them.

woensdag 27 mei 2009

Encounter II

My friend who is adopted is pregnant.
'This (looking at her belly) is the first family I'm going to meet', she said.

Encounter I

This is how I was sitting in the train this evening. Thinking about today. Two encounters. One expected, one unexpected (very). Both were a jump back in time.

dinsdag 26 mei 2009


I realy need some


I have a thing about storms. I just love it. Toninght there was a major one. That happens only ones in every five years. This I heard on the radio this morning.

And I slept through the whole thing.


maandag 25 mei 2009

Not a (little) girl anymore

we were talking about growing older
the good thing is your friends do too

zondag 24 mei 2009


Bit of chatting, picknicking and reading on a lovely little beach

Wanted: a Captain

(yesterday) I forgot how much i like being on the water. Maybe I should find myself a captain..

vrijdag 22 mei 2009


left side: my sister
right side: the milkmaid from Johannes Vermeer (ca. 1660)

donderdag 21 mei 2009

woensdag 20 mei 2009

Hands up!

Working on a project about hands.. (to be continued)

a walk through the park..

dinsdag 19 mei 2009

Change of mind

N. didn't like babies. Now she wants 100 more, she says.


She accidently took the wrong medicines. The doctors are worried. It will be okay she says: I am a bear.

Say A!

1, 2, 3, 4....

1. New York

2. New York

3. Gift from a very dear friend

4. Gift from me to me

maandag 18 mei 2009


Congratulations Mom!

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zondag 17 mei 2009


Keeping your peace under all circumstances

zaterdag 16 mei 2009

Dinner Talk

Can someone be a genius
without being a complete asshole?

I had the honor...

to design my nephews Birth-Card!

vrijdag 15 mei 2009

Still looking

...for a place of my own.
Source: Vraagbaak voor de vrouw

donderdag 14 mei 2009

Absolutely speechless

about my newborn nephew!

& More waiting...

woensdag 13 mei 2009