woensdag 30 januari 2013

Small Pleasures

 Black coffee on cold mornings (and every other morning :))/ The room suddenly bathing in sunlight/Books that make you look differently at life

vrijdag 25 januari 2013


Today the dutch court came to the verdict that internet is just as much a basic need as having clothes and  a roof over your head. I hate to admit it -being a back to basic kind of girl- but after two moths of having almost no internet at all, I have to agree. Fortunately that is about to change soon.
How is 2013 starting for you? I know it´s popular to be sceptic about new years resolutions, but I like them, as long as they represent the vision you have for your life. It´s hard to keep resolutions you adopt from others or society, it doesn´t hurt taking time what you would like to change and why.

Pictures: 1. collage I am ´growing´ of my favorite designs 2. It´s soo cold (but I like it) 3.Thrifted kitchenwear 4. Back pencils these days, less messy than paint and the good ones give a great result.

Happy 2013!