woensdag 14 december 2011


Saying this week was crazy, would almost be an understatement. It was a strange cocktail of highs and lows, but I learned I'm not alone.

(ps. Tomorrow I'l be working on the shop, looking forward to it!)

donderdag 8 december 2011

I wonder

..where that Star will take me.

vrijdag 2 december 2011


Paper work & Decisions & More Paper work..my head is spinning, I need a bit of Pippi to restore my silliness balance.

dinsdag 22 november 2011

A Different Angle

If your mind gets stuck, bake some pancakes.

maandag 21 november 2011

Foggy Days

It's scary not seeing where you're going, and beautiful at the same time.

(Taken around lunch time on a trip with the train)

zaterdag 19 november 2011

Saturday Sunset

I kind of rediscovered my SLR today. I came to find the amount of pics on my laptop so overwhelming (and throwing away things is nót a talent of mine) that I put it aside for a while. I don't want to get ahead of things but I think these have holiday season all over them, but that might have something to do with the fact that I have been listening to christmas radio all day. (Yes even an alternetive rock, singer-songwriter type of girl has her guilty pleasures ;)

woensdag 16 november 2011

Where has the time gone?

If there is something I can't wrap my head around it's the passing of time. Wouldn't it be strange if you could sent messages over time? If I could write a note to myself a decade ago I would say, stop worrying you're going to be more than okay! Maybe I'll include a copy for my future self too.

maandag 14 november 2011

Something Good

If you don't know what to expect, you might as well expect something good.

maandag 7 november 2011


Make a list of seven things (Inspired by Alice's 'think of seven impossible things before breakfast)you would love to do but somehow think it's impossible and than.. challenge them! That is my assignment for myself this week.

1&2: fuji instax mini 3: My breakfast this morning (oatmeal boiled in water with some salt, added: cold milk, honey, cinnamon and strawberries)

vrijdag 4 november 2011

Status Update

After a week of liters of tea and lemon juice and a mountain of paper tissues the flue finally seems on its return. Slowly getting back to work. Can't wait to go for a walk in the park and absorb all the beautiful yellows and oranges.

woensdag 26 oktober 2011


I love hanging out with my nephew, through his eyes the world is an exotic place again.

(He's my big inspiration for kids illustrations at the moment)

maandag 24 oktober 2011


At first there is nothing to see and just when you start to get nervous the first contours emerge. Such a hopefull image.

(My home in fuji instax film)

woensdag 19 oktober 2011

What tickles you?

Chopping the world into frames of beauty.

Looking through a lens even ugly chaotic environments become a place of treasures.

1. My favorite portrait of a sweet friend who is abroad at the moment (Hi C. ! :) )

2. New instax fuji film

zondag 16 oktober 2011

Autumn Sun

Golden moments in the park today. Cold sunny days make me so happy.

vrijdag 14 oktober 2011

A Flower A Day

This week I made an habit of picking one or two wild flowers before entering the house again. Such a sweet reminder of enjoying the little things!

zondag 9 oktober 2011

Homes & Hearts

How's your day?

Although I had some good weeks, I felt a bit disconnected to my heart (as in that place of hopes and dreams and inspiration) somehow. Today I feel reconnected and that feels very good. I wanted to share these pictures of my (18 year old) sisters room with you. She designed and decorated the whole place herself and I was just amazed with the result! Hope you'll enjoy it too..

(ps. I have trouble commenting blogs, I think it's an blogger-problem again, hope they solve it soon)

woensdag 5 oktober 2011

The last things I've learned..

How to make indian carrot soup * How warm days are a bit of a creativity-killer for me( so hello autumn!) * A bit more about lomo-photography* Some new French words.

I'm really a sponge when it comes to learning; always looking for new skills, new languages, new life-lessons..somehow learnig new things keeps life fresh and inspiring. What is that you'd love to learn?

(The last thing I learned is this weeks theme of 'corner view')

maandag 26 september 2011


Sometimes my head feels a bit like a pressure cooker. Than I need to go to the park to let the pressure of. This cute acorn seems to have found his own way of letting the thoughts go freely :)

woensdag 21 september 2011


I'm still trying to seduce myself to get rid of more stuff. My declutter tip: Put a wide open garbage bag in the corner of a room, you just want to feed him :)

PS1 Silly is this weeks theme of corner view (see sidebar) PS2 It's Autumn! Happy new season!

maandag 19 september 2011


Creatively stuck? Time for some droodeling! (I love ikea drawing paper on a roll for that)

dinsdag 13 september 2011

Page Two

I went on a walk this morning to find the right background for the print I'm making out of page two of my new sketchbook. I love any excuse for a walk, espacially since I refound these boots (stored in my brothers garage) which I bought seven years ago.

woensdag 7 september 2011


(first page of my new sketchbook)

vrijdag 2 september 2011

A colourfull Hi

Left: Fantastic guerilla knitting in Antwerp/ Right: My outfit of today

Just passing by to say hi . Thank you all so much for your felicitations, I loved reading them and they made my birthday extra festive! I'm in a bit of hurry-pace at the moment. I sqeezed in a last-minute mini-vacation to Antwerp last week and am now making up for the lost time. It was really good to be away though.

I'm looking forward to normal pace & regullary blogging againg. For now: Happy September!

zondag 21 augustus 2011

Today is/was my Birthday!

It happened, I'm 30! In contrast to the days leading up to it was an awesome day , celebrated just the way I like it: going big on a small party. Close family & friends, food, sun, picknicking & great gifts! My house is a Mess, but my heart is Happy.