vrijdag 31 juli 2009


Watching them creating their own little Paradise

donderdag 30 juli 2009

Break in Berlin

A lot going on here. Two days in Berlin ( for the first time!) were a great escape.

woensdag 15 juli 2009

maandag 13 juli 2009

Beauty is everywhere

If you know where to look

zondag 12 juli 2009

Its a small world after all

Taken from my bed in the hospital.
Suddenly i'm inaugurated in a world I didn't know before. A small world. A world that goes from coffee to meal, from examination to examination and where every distance longer than the toilet feels like a world travel.
(hope to enter the 'big' world again very soon!)

woensdag 8 juli 2009

Matter of Perspective (Brussels)

PS Brussels was awesome (to be continued)!

woensdag 1 juli 2009

I'm off to Brussels!

Back on monday

Summer for sale

Had to take it home with me ..