maandag 31 augustus 2009

The Ugly Way

Last week I painted half of my painitings white again and guess what: It felt great!
I didn't think they were good, but until this point I couldn't give them up. Pure Nostalgia.
Now I can start all over again.
I guess there is only one way for mastering a skill: The Ugly Way. Ever listened to a beginning violin player? precisely.

zondag 30 augustus 2009

Embracing Life

vrijdag 28 augustus 2009

This summer is going way too fast! I had a big 'to-do-list' for this summer and going to the Hospital was not on it. But , i'm feeling a lot better and there is still a little bit of time and sun left and I'm definitely going to make the most of it.

donderdag 27 augustus 2009

woensdag 26 augustus 2009

Once you've decided to leave

you're already gone
(which makes me feeling homeless right now, but not for long..)

dinsdag 25 augustus 2009

Sometimes I can't believe

that my family has not a drop of Italian blood

maandag 24 augustus 2009

XXVIII Bithday Candels

A long time ago I looked like this. How old are you now?
Sorry, I didn't hear you..
Can you say that one more time?
( practising my new age)

Festival Fun

zondag 16 augustus 2009

zaterdag 15 augustus 2009

Tomorrow never dies

(Collage with Train Tickets)

vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

Less is more?

I am (unfortunatly) more a 'more-person' than a 'less-person', but that is going to change. I'm going to feed my trashcan untill he explodes. Just to make life (and the upcoming removal) a little bit more simple.

But these are definitely going to stay

dinsdag 11 augustus 2009


First impression is great. Real love comes after collecting memories.

A.M. in her new hometown.

zondag 9 augustus 2009

Nice Souvernirs

of a great weekend

(*stuff I bought @ the Flea Market)

dinsdag 4 augustus 2009

What's next?

What is behind the door? What is the next step?

zondag 2 augustus 2009

Building Energy