woensdag 31 juli 2013

The Way Back


One of the things that intrege me the most is how we can stay in a place where we can hear that small soft Voice above all the other voices, screaming for our attention. Lately I have been very practical about turning the volume of those voices down by providing myself a surrounding of peace. I am not a minimalist but I´m starting to see how true ´Less is more´ really is. How owning to much stuff distracts me, keeps me occupied and steals my focus and above all my time.

Ever since the beginning of this year I´ve been getting rid of 50 items a week, wich is working for me very well. It helps me getting things done without being overwhelmed... and wow I´m starting to see results!

My goal is not owning next to nothing, but I do strive for simplicity.  It is a journey that requires a lot of patience, but small consistent steps is the way to go here. In the meantime these keep me inspired
about living a simple life in a tiny house/, videos about simplicity and minimalism, this amazing blog