woensdag 15 oktober 2014


I've been spending way too many hours inside lately. In the middle of the city noise, my mind is escaping to the country, to wild forests and abandoned places. Looking out of my kitchen window I ignore the concrete jungle and focus on the trees. It is all there when you know where to look. 

woensdag 9 juli 2014


I've found a new way of decluttering: replacing! Slow but steady I have been replacing all kind of things in my house. Like trading five mall fitting trousers for one expensive jeans. It is not as cheap as purging but certainly as effective for attaining a more simple & happy living environment.

Lately I have been searching through my photo collection. Since photography has been one of my main interests since I was a young teen I do have a LOT of pictures. Most of them are hidden in ugly unfinished albums or boxes. There are memories in there that definitely deserve to be seen.

So..I have been rephotographing them and putting them through instagram filters. Sounds time consuming but it was actually a really fun job to do, as long as you don't fall in the trap of wanting to make a perfect timeline of your life, but only choose those who speak to you or represent a certain memory the best. 

I have been using printic (this is NOT sponsored, just an example ) because they make it possible to print directly from your phone. What I love best about them is that the prints come in a box of fifty photos, so that you are forced to choose only the best. It makes looking at your photos a way better experience. And all the ugly albums and boxes can be stored out of sight. Sweet & simple!

maandag 30 juni 2014

What's cooking?

Rainy summer weekends are perfect for experimenting in the kitchen. I have been creating some recipes myself lately, it just adds a whole new dimention to the cooking experience. It reminds me of the olden days. So much fun

A little less fun today; Fighting a nasty laryngitis. To sore to eat properly, but my mind is cooking up some new ideas already.

(This is a recipe for healthy scones)

donderdag 26 juni 2014


1.Just started to read 'The Gift' which I found exploring through the English bookstore in Amsterdam, but it is already changed my perspective, can't wait to read the rest of it! I'll keep you guys updated.
2. Really stop hiding your gift(s) and start sharing..

(Gift was this weeks 'corner view' topic)

Ps. thank you all for your encouraging words on my previous post!

woensdag 18 juni 2014

Five years, one year

The amount of stuff that can happen in five years is ridiculous. Life surprised me with waves of happiness and tragedy. Experiences that helped me grow into the person I am today. I am thankfull, but also a bit melancholic when I look back. When confronted with hard times, like my dad getting really sick again (thank God he is doing much better now) I slipped into survival mode, such a useful mechanism, but it didn't leave much room for playfull creativity. Now the survival mode is no longer usefull, which makes me wonder: where will I be five years from now? I believe the answer to that question is not as randomn as it may feel at times, but lies in my daily routine (as I have learned from J. Maxwell, T.Foy and my own experience). Two years ago I felt overwhelmed by my schedule, my stuff and my plans. Simplifying my life a little every day completely changed that. I find comfort and courage in that fact. I already know I will grow in certain areas because I made a habit of educating myself a little every day in the subjects that matter to me. I don't know what life will bring, I only know I will continue to make every day count.

woensdag 4 juni 2014


I thought there weren't many collections left after my big declutter campaign, but I was wrong. These however make me smile and everything that makes me smile can stay :). 
But for the most I am collecting time in stead of stuff. The most valuable thing of all.

(Collections was this weeks theme for 'corner view')

dinsdag 13 mei 2014


Making room for new things, litteraly and mentally. It feels good, but also a bit funny. Letting go of stuff, but also of a few wrong concepts I had about myself and exchanging them for new, better, broader ones.

(1. Trying new techniques, pencil over painting, I like the depth it adds 2.Lilly of the Vally 3. Enjoying the simple moments)

woensdag 30 april 2014

Small Things

There is a different sound going on for who is willing to listen. It's a quiet sound, an undercurrent. It is drifting away from over-yelling, over-spending, over-consuming, but although it speaks softer, it is more clear, it consumes less but enjoyes more. I have got my ears wide open. 

woensdag 16 april 2014

Something to celebrate!

My declutter-journey (getting rid of 50 items per week in 2013 and 20 per week in 2014 untill no longer needed-and that will be soon) is finally starting to show in my home and I could'nt feel happier! Today I cleared out my big table (for dining, painting, and storage) it feels so good to see clear space again. To me that is something worth celebrating.

Something else worth celebrating is a collaborative I am working on with my all-things-creative loving sister, which will be about celebrating holidays, milestones, and everything else worth celebrating in a simple but sweet d.i.y. way. 

There was a big threatening cloud blocking our view in the passed year (when one family member has to go through chemo therapy every one is affected as we soon dicovered) Learning to live life day by day and finding something to celebrate in every day was a real life saver for us.

Find something, anything, worth celebrating today. I promise it will make you feel a little (or a lot ;)) better!

(Thanks Ibb for the theme today)

woensdag 9 april 2014


Its one of the contradictions of our time, that despite of all the modern technique (which I am gratefull for) it somehow seems to fail to make our  lives simple. I still cant figure out why living more simple is such a complex task. Fortunately we do have the luxury of free time more than ever before. Spending my free time on a place like this is very rejuvenating and makers me one happy camper! 

woensdag 2 april 2014


It's a funny thing really, inspiration.. Although I gained insight in how I can stay inspired, it's still largely a mystery to me how inspiration comes and goes and maybe it is better that way. Slowing down is always a big one for me. But the biggest lesson for me has been accepting there is a time for everything. Times of overflowing ideas and times of organising and conserving. The challenge is to trust inspiration will return, it always does. 

woensdag 19 maart 2014

In a distance..

Suddenly such a distance between us.. Of all the changes going on at the moment, this is probably the most difficult one*, but at the same time I am thankfull to have people in my life who make saying good bye so hard**

* my sister migrated last week
** paraphrasing Pooh
1. Drawing while talking with my sister about her then upcoming move
2. Birthday portrait a few weeks ago
3. Thank God for Skype!

woensdag 26 februari 2014


I feel very much drawn to 'life-experiments'. Changing your routine for a set period of time, following a set of rules never fails to refresh your perspective. I did a lot of Minimalism-related experiments. Getting rid of x amount of stuff a day or quitting social media/tv for an amount of time. I found out it can be integrated with every day life. I am already making up new ones.. What about you?

donderdag 20 februari 2014

A sunny february night

Really enjoyed making this

woensdag 19 februari 2014


A trip to my sweet friends, feels like a trip to the past. At the same time it fuels my dreams for the future: living a big life in a small and simple place.

1 & 3. I have build up my illustration as a collage, I like the freedom it gives to experiment.
2. Photo made during a pittoresk walk. Something like this maybe? How small is too small?

woensdag 12 februari 2014


Going slow takes courage in my experience, but if we're in a hurry all the time we miss the best things in life. I try to regularly remind myself: Don't forget to smell, to taste, to daydream, to dance in the rain. Don't forget to live.

maandag 10 februari 2014

Turn back Time

These are drawings my granddad made. We never drew together (I am not sure if I would have dared to), but I could read between the lines that he enjoyed a granddaughter that loved drawing just as much as he did. Sometimes I wish he had taken his talent more seriously, but at least he left these and several others behind for us to enjoy.

woensdag 5 februari 2014


I believe that a strong vision can shape reality, but life can be distracting. Images can go beyond 'the way things are' and can make such strong reminders of how we want life to be. That is one of the main reasons why I love creating them! 

dinsdag 21 januari 2014

Saving Moments

This project is taking a little bit longer than I anticipated but saving moments that were once so meaningful for someone is definitely worth my time.

zaterdag 18 januari 2014

Soul Food

When my creative soul needs a bit of nourishment, the thriftstore is just the place to go.

(1. Love the illustration on the front 2. Soo happy with this wooden pine apple bowl 3. No coffee like saturday morning coffee)

Ps. Thank you for your comments on my illustration!

woensdag 15 januari 2014

A good read

So many stories I want to dive into

maandag 13 januari 2014


For some treasures you have to dig deep, so it's best to enjoy the search

woensdag 8 januari 2014

Resolution #2 :from darkness to light

Resolution #2:every week day in 2014 I will spend (at least) 20 minutes to educate myself. 

I really believe that learning new things every day is one of the easiest ways to stay inspired. My 'curriculum' will contain: learning more about photography, the technical side of illustration, cooking skills, how children play, living with less, Creativity in general, Books about Faith, about imagination etcetera..can't wait