woensdag 30 april 2014

Small Things

There is a different sound going on for who is willing to listen. It's a quiet sound, an undercurrent. It is drifting away from over-yelling, over-spending, over-consuming, but although it speaks softer, it is more clear, it consumes less but enjoyes more. I have got my ears wide open. 

woensdag 16 april 2014

Something to celebrate!

My declutter-journey (getting rid of 50 items per week in 2013 and 20 per week in 2014 untill no longer needed-and that will be soon) is finally starting to show in my home and I could'nt feel happier! Today I cleared out my big table (for dining, painting, and storage) it feels so good to see clear space again. To me that is something worth celebrating.

Something else worth celebrating is a collaborative I am working on with my all-things-creative loving sister, which will be about celebrating holidays, milestones, and everything else worth celebrating in a simple but sweet d.i.y. way. 

There was a big threatening cloud blocking our view in the passed year (when one family member has to go through chemo therapy every one is affected as we soon dicovered) Learning to live life day by day and finding something to celebrate in every day was a real life saver for us.

Find something, anything, worth celebrating today. I promise it will make you feel a little (or a lot ;)) better!

(Thanks Ibb for the theme today)

woensdag 9 april 2014


Its one of the contradictions of our time, that despite of all the modern technique (which I am gratefull for) it somehow seems to fail to make our  lives simple. I still cant figure out why living more simple is such a complex task. Fortunately we do have the luxury of free time more than ever before. Spending my free time on a place like this is very rejuvenating and makers me one happy camper! 

woensdag 2 april 2014


It's a funny thing really, inspiration.. Although I gained insight in how I can stay inspired, it's still largely a mystery to me how inspiration comes and goes and maybe it is better that way. Slowing down is always a big one for me. But the biggest lesson for me has been accepting there is a time for everything. Times of overflowing ideas and times of organising and conserving. The challenge is to trust inspiration will return, it always does.