woensdag 3 maart 2010

Corner View: Coffee Companion

1. Fiep Westerdorp -heart- 2. Vienna 3. & 4. Bagels & Beans, one of my favourite coffee spots

Good coffee & good company..what more do you need? Some coffeemoments that come to mind..on coffee hunt with M early in the morning on festivals (even crappy coffee tatses good when you're outside) after hard study with A. on the balcony, with F. sitting in their garden, with C. who doesn’t like coffee but understands that I do…a lot! With my mom, who enjoys her coffee just as much as I do. Now I’m going to enjoy my coffee, with my laptop, also quite good company.
And of course YOU, thank you for being my coffee companion each morning :)

Enjoy your next cup at one of the adresses under 'corner view' (sidebar)

22 opmerkingen:

  1. i love having coffee moments with people. i read a study once that said warm drinks bring people closer together.

  2. Yes for Fiep!
    en bagels en beans is ook verrukkelijk voor de niet koffiedrinker!
    mmmm, morgen maar eens met mijn zus op de B&Bleut!

  3. Ik drink c.c. ...zo ik weet wel wat van koffie.
    Cold Coffee is ook goed te drinken met jou!x

  4. FIEP! she's so good!
    her drawings make me soso happy!

  5. Great Fiep pictures. We have a Coffee & Beans here too, but I now have a Coffee Lovers which is my new fav.

  6. :-) I love to be your coffee companion, I love your place,;;;
    take care

  7. I send you a pastel de nata and you send me the first illustration?? It's gorgeous!

  8. Looking forward to find new coffee places in Dutchland! I miss all the great coffeeshops in Edinburgh a lot.
    Beatiful Fiep picture. I love her coloured drawings a lot!

  9. gosh, I just want to come over and visit. coffee where you are, would be far more exciting than having coffee where I am!

    Thanks for stopping by, and glad today's post meant something to you. I love it when I read blog posts that were just what I needed to hear that day :)

    Was a bit nervous about putting it out there, but glad I did.


  10. The expressions on the faces of the people in the first image are hilarious.

  11. you're right for the coffee!
    but I have to say I also enjoy my coffee "allein daheim"... sometimes I'm not in the mood talking in the morning and the coffee is my only companion...

    this illustration is lovely!

  12. love your first picture.
    And you said it "good coffee and good company". That's all you need.

  13. Lovely coffee taste...i cannot live without.
    I send you an email...did you received it...something about an art exchange?

  14. @ all, Yes Fiep rocks, and its timeless apparently, she mad this one in 1960..

    @ B.P. lovely theory, I buy it

    @ Joen, kan me zo goed voorstellen, ze moeten er zijn..

    @ Schanett, I agree, the theme was coffee companion, but I like just my ow companion a lot too ;)

    @ IBB, By accident removed as spam..oops, want to sent it again?

  15. the illustration is great ... I love it

  16. Lovely corner, with great pics, full of dynamic joy !

  17. the first pic is sweet =)

    that is a really nice corner view... i like to be your coffee companion!

    i wish you a nice weekend,
    yours dani

  18. oh excellent Anna !!! The illustration is beautiful !

  19. Such a great view!! Now I'm ready for a cup of jo!