donderdag 23 december 2010

Merry Christmas!

I just absolutely can't believe how fast this year is passing by! I don't feel ready yet for closing this year and for christmas, but fact is it's already here. So I better surrender: Leave my to do list out of sight and sip my hot choclate & listen to this. Tomorrow I'm off to 'Köln' to celebrate!
Merry Christmas to you, I hope you have a great time!!
(and a hug for those of you for whom this time isn't easy)

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Merry Christmas!
    God jul!

    Real life people call me Maria-Thérèse because that is my name... you never separate in the middle. Surely you are real life people too? :D

  2. haha yes the last time I checked I was quite real :) but people always shorten my name (Ann) and my name is not that long so..that's why.

    Vrolijk Kerstfeest! (dutch version :)

  3. you are right! where is the time gone?!?!? i don`t know. but it was a fantastic, but also hard year...

    i wish you a merry christmas!

  4. Dear Anna
    I like to look at your blog often!
    Thank you for "the joy you give through words and pictures".
    Merry christmas and a happy 2011!

  5. Wat een mooie en doordachte kerstwens, so you ;-) Heb het goed daar in besneeuw Keulen en bis bald!

  6. hope your christmas was joyful and that you had lot of hot chocolate!

  7. Found beautiful music via your link. Thanks!