woensdag 5 oktober 2011

The last things I've learned..

How to make indian carrot soup * How warm days are a bit of a creativity-killer for me( so hello autumn!) * A bit more about lomo-photography* Some new French words.

I'm really a sponge when it comes to learning; always looking for new skills, new languages, new life-lessons..somehow learnig new things keeps life fresh and inspiring. What is that you'd love to learn?

(The last thing I learned is this weeks theme of 'corner view')

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I'd love to learn how to crochet. Somehow everybody in blogland seems to do it effortlessly. I've given it a try once or twice but I'm not patient enough. :)

    Happy Autumn!

  2. brilliant sponge image! :) I'd love to learn woodcarving.

  3. I would love to learn to live in a greater freedom, not in fear of others, but with confidence and joy following my heart... And also ceramics, speaking French, playing chello, writing music & stories, to act, to cook, design clothes and sowing... so many things I want to learn...

  4. Though there are lots of skills I'd love to learn, I am perfectly content with practicing what I've learnt so far, and taking it from there.

    With you on the warmth thing - above 24 degrees Celsius, I have the attention span of a gnat, even when it comes to the flow.


  5. anna, i so follow you on the sun-kills-creativity side. you are not alone. this morning i revel, because it is raining. i have a ton of things planned, and they are ALL in the creativity department. phieuw, for summer to finally be over, i've had it! hooray for fall. and winter.
    yep, learning fresh things every day, who's counting? ;)))

  6. That carrot soup looks so nice and autum-y :-)

  7. @ Anna: Same here :)
    @ Joen: O al die dingen klinken zo goed! We hoeven ons voorlopig niet te vervelen ;)
    @ Nicki: Ja, je kunt je tijd maar 1 x uitgeven en soms is het idd beter die tijd te gebruiken om beter te worden in de dingen die je echt wil kunnen.
    @ Nadine: Good to hear I'm not the only one..cheers to a creative autumn :)!
    @ Provins: Yes I love that beautiful orange..