woensdag 16 februari 2011

Sound of Silence

Finding that place again, where I can hear that inner voice speak and where inspiration flows.
Ps. this (click!) is beautiful..

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  1. Oh dear... Very lovely and I think many can relate to this!! Do you submit your work to publishers? You need to be making books that people can buy!

    ♥ Maria-Thérèse blog.afiori.com

  2. Perfect illustration Anna! I heard that "voice" briefly the other day, it was wonderful :) Hope it finds you too soon!


  3. wat een perfecte illustratie van beeld en woord, en diep.
    ik hou ook van de link die insloot, oh en ook je maandagpost.

  4. What a beautiful illustration Anna, the whole picture including all details, bird and text. Véry pritty!
    Perhaps that's what my story is about too. Finding and reveling in that place of inspiration, dreaming, joy and love, after a long time having missed it. One of the most beautiful places to be!
    I've put the story on my blog because of your encouragement (remember that conversation about perfectionism?), so thank you, also for adding that link to it. Sweet.

  5. the sweetest. me, too! thanks for putting that into a visual form.

  6. ...and that is the best place to be! Enjoy :^)