woensdag 30 maart 2011


I found these reflections in my archive.

I am a very reflective person. I reflect on everything (myself, life, people, future) all the time. My notebooks (one for my thoughts, one for quotes, one for drawings and ideas and one for poetry) prevent me from overflowing. As does this place.

How about you?

1. me & my pregnant sis, little nephew and his little girlfriend 2. christmas 2010 3. Going to an art museum by myself (I love that)4. earphone-mirror

7 opmerkingen:

  1. love reflections in pictures too and suffer from reflection overload too :) Really nice blog you have.

  2. Your photos are such fun Anna. I agree, reflection is a necessary thing. Carry on...

  3. What I like most about your reflections is how save them in your notebooks. I'm just beginning to do that myself.

  4. Four self portraits....we are blessed!!!!
    :) :) (: (:

  5. Your refelctions made me smile. I have a little notebook to put my ideas and thoughts in, too! Fun to read in this much later... ;o)