woensdag 25 januari 2012


This January I've been on a kind of survival mode, unable to process everything that came on my path. The last couple of days I realized that this may not be the best mode to be in. It costs less energy, but at the same time you close the door for light and beauty and new energy.When I was in my teens the drama of life inspired me way more than the happy days, they seemed superficial to me. Now it's completely the other way around. I don't want to cut myself off of the power of spending time on creating. So the question is: how to stay creative in stormy days? A challenge I would love to explore untill the storms have passed me by..

Ps. Thank you for your comments on the last posts, I can't tell how much they encourage me!

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  1. Poeh, da's inderdaad een goeie vraag! Ik denk veel bij anderen koekeloeren en inspiratie opdoen en proberen tijd te nemen voor jezelf? En weten dat stormen ook weer overwaaien

  2. I think I know quite well what you're talking about! I'm SO looking forward to brighter days of springtime to regain energy and creativity! Now I'm just struggling through the days, and when I have to be active and productive, it feels double exhausting than else. Meanwhile, my inspiration is: a hot drink, colourful decoration, good music and having a look on creative blogs. And if there is no output, well, then there is none, no problem. Next creative push will come for sure!

  3. It is hard to find the balance. For me it can be challenging to be creative on the grey days, sometimes I just don't think about it and see where it goes. xo

  4. What a beautiful post, and beautiful thought. I don't have an answer for you, but I do hope that you'll be able to stay creative through the storm - it will give you strength.

  5. Sounds simple and silly, but music helps me chase the storms away and clears the cobwebs from my mind.

  6. I'm in the same boat trying to weather a little storm, stay inspired, be creative... So I'm wishing you lots of the luck, and sending positive thoughts!

  7. scrolling back a little on your bloggy, i see. i'm sorry it's feeling-under-the-weather time... hang in, hold on. spring is coming too...

  8. De ruimte nemen voor jezelf denk ik. Of sterker nog: jezelf ertoe verplichten. Soms kan dat echt, ook al lijkt het onmogelijk. (Maar goed, elke storm is anders.) Ik hoop heel hard dat de zon letterlijk en figuurlijk snel gaat schijnen. Liefs!

  9. @ Anna: Yes..this too shall pass(en koekeloeren blijft fijn:)!

    @Tanïa: In this case I was more talking about the storms of life, but I so got what you're saying, it's amazing how just a brighter (not nessecarily warmer) day can change your whole perception on things.

    @ Janis: Same to you!

    Thanks Nadine!

    @ Iris:Ja die vlieger gaat voor deze storm ook op, gek hoe gemakkelijk je daar soms aan voorbij kan gaan. Let the sunshine in!

    @ Joyce: I agree, just letting go and see where the flow takes you..(if I understand you right)

    @Francesca: Thank you & yes it really does I noticed some difference right away.

    @ Heather, so right, I have a new cd which really takes me away to better places!

  10. Be blessed with creativity and be inspired by the One Who calms the storms... :)

    Love, Eline