zondag 26 februari 2012

Sunday Bubble

a 100 years could have passed by without me noticing it. It's the best.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Geweldige schilderijtjes! Kunst kunnen maken zoals jij doet lijkt me heerlijk

  2. So lovely! Wonderful combination of colours and such intensive face expressions!

  3. Klinkt heerlijk, zo'n bubble. Zeker met zo'n mooi resultaat!!

  4. I feel like I'm becoming a broken record; every time I come here I can only repeat myself and tell you how amazing your work is and how extremely talented you are! :)

    There is an award for you in my blog!

  5. @all: thanks!!
    @ anna V.thank you for your supersweet words! (& because my inner critique sometimes sounds like a broken record, I don't mind :)

  6. Those are my absolute favorite kind of days!
    Hope your struggle between two decisions has come to an end.
    Hope you're enjoying the Springtime Sunshine!