zaterdag 17 maart 2012


1. morning light 2. unbeatable Tove Jansson 3. thoughts

This weekend I plan to do some resetting; time to shed some light on a couple of things. Fortunately there seems to be plenty of that this morning.

Last week I really enjoyed this animation (bedankt :) this song and this radiolab podcast

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik word hier blij van!
    En ik heb dezelfde pyjamabroek, heerlijk hè?

  2. 1. I just bought 4 different packages of tea...
    2. I totally agree on this one!
    3. So true, sometimes.

    I hope you will get your batteries charged during the weekend! :)

    take time
    have a lovely weekend!

  4. A beautiful day to reset! Looks so cosy; a cup of tea, writing down thoughts, the sun shining into the room... I hope light shined on the things on your mind the same way as the sun did on your table. Have a great weekend!

  5. @anna: en daar word ik dan weer blij van :) (ja eentje waar je onverantwoord lang in rond kunt hangen :))
    @Anna V. Yes I find that it's sometimes hard to find words for the things that matter to you the most, but the opposite can be true too sometimes, a word or sentence that says it all. Thank you, same to you :)
    @ Rebi: Did you see my post on your mail? Thanks again!
    @Joen: Those are the best times & I think it worked, feel a little bit more 'enlightened'.. :)

  6. Oh al flink aan het resetten. Schijnt er bij te horen, wanneer je groter wordt.