woensdag 25 april 2012

Room with a View

Sometimes I forget my mind is a room with a view. I open the curtains and picture all the beautiful things in the distance.

1. accidently born still on the side of the road
2&3. carpet (Sissy Boy) that I am going to buy when someone drops a bag of money  on my doortsep, looking forward to that :)
4. dummie portrait

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooie kleurencombinatie, het kleed en de plu!
    Sissy Boy is zo cool maar zo duur!

  2. Tell that somebody to come to my doorstep too! :)
    You're right, it's all in the mind after all ...

  3. o hemel ja dat kleed!!

    en een mooie blik achter jouw gordijnen :-)

  4. Great post - I love what you said about the mind being a room with a view.

  5. Open the window and look outside!
    Love that.

  6. Love the portrait!

    It's OK to have curtains - it means we can take action to open up.

    (In my life, I think I've only ever met two or three people whose curtains were never closed.)


  7. This is such a gorgeous collection of images!

  8. You are right about our mind being a room w a view :)
    Lovely colors in your room.

  9. ha ha ha...
    love how your mind works, runs more like...
    good luck on the money-on-door-step initiative. there's always hope...

  10. I love the way you look out of your windows :)