dinsdag 5 november 2013

Like Wine

There really is a time for everything. If I think of all the things I´ve been through the last couple of years; I´ve played, took risks, I struggeled, fought monsters (both real and imaginative ones) I flourished, I was frustrated, I was happy, I dreamed, I created and I cried. I am starting to see that it was and is all part of my unique journey. Al those times together helped me mature my vision on life like a good wine.

(1. detail of the painting I am working on currently 2. treasures from the marketplace)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi, maakt me nieuwsgierig naar de rest van de tekening en het verhaal erachter. En natuurlijk proost op het leven!

    1. Proost! :). werktitel is ´hiding is over´

  2. A rich life is like a fine wine. I love the analogy!

  3. I like your interpretation of the topic - and it's so true!

    ps I hope you'll post photos of you painting when it's completely. The "teaser" is lovely!

  4. to make a good wine (i'm told) you do need all that complexity of flavors - just like life, true.

  5. Thanks Bev and Heather :) yes ´complexity of flavors´ that is a good way to describe it Francesca..