vrijdag 1 januari 2010

I wish you all

a very happy, inspirational, exciting, peaceful & blessed 2010. That your dreams may come true!

I really enjoyed last night in my small, but crowded appartement, with a lot of food, red wine, talking, playing and a bit of dancing (on 90's songs :)). My smallest guest (my little nephew) was too excited to sleep, but eventually fell asleep on my sofa. I have a lot of windows and live almost in the centre of the city which made looking to the fireworks spectacular. This morning (and aftenoon) was crazy laziness with a book & breakfast of leftovers in bed. 2010 started good, I am excited to see what it's going to bring!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. had vandaag ook een lekker lui begin; onder mijn dekentje naar Mary Poppins gekeken :)
    beste wensen Anna!

  2. best wishes for 2010! kenza

  3. Thank you ! An d I wish you a happy and creative year !!!

  4. Happy happy 2010! Looks like you began the new year the way it's suppose to be begun. Wishing you the best this year!