woensdag 23 juni 2010

Corner View: Noticing

Having 'eyes' all over can be exhausting at times, but I wouldn't miss the ability to 'see beauty in everything' for the world.

For today: Try to notice new things by changing your perspective, bend your knees to see the world of a child, lay down for the perspective of a small animal, climb on a chair to see your house from a Pippi point of view..Have fun!
Go and have a look in the sidebar 'corner view' !

10 opmerkingen:

  1. eeep! that photo scared me! :D
    Did you watch the film "Pan's Labyrinth"?

  2. Ik hou van het pippi idee...dat weet je he!!

  3. I like this theory on the "point of view" !!! and your nice pictures !

  4. Great advise! Love that first photo :^)

  5. Changing visual perspective is an interesting exercise!