maandag 4 oktober 2010


Balancing out after a busy weekend. It's good to be home again. Had an interesting conversation last weekend about thinking about the future. Do you think about the future a lot? Do you like making detailed future plans or do you like to take life as it comes? Which of both ways do you think will most likely get you in the right place?
(I enjoy this -second pic- lovely view while thinking about these questions)

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  1. La nature est toujours de bon conseil ! Listen the nature and you've a solution ! Maybe ! Have a nice week Anna !

  2. Denken over de toekomst? Da's bij mij al snel peinzen, zo niet piekeren... Al met al probeer ik niet te ver vooruit te kijken - maar soms ontkom je er niet aan. Leven met 2 kleintjes vraagt erom je verantwoordlijkheden onder ogen te zien. Soms goed, soms ontzettend moeilijk. Ach, zo'n bladerdak maakt het allemaal weer een stukje makkelijker!

  3. My thoughts of the future are not so much plans, but dreams. I try to live my everyday-life in a way that would bring me closer to those dreams. Sometimes I think of totally random details (like what kind of fence I will build around the yard of my dream house) but I believe a plan that's TOO detailed might actually get in the way of making it all happen. (Confusing, I know...)

    I completely agree with what you said about the second picture! Beautiful! :)

  4. I try not to make detailed plans. Life always seems to go another path when you do. I try to not live in the past or the future as I don't want to miss the moment I'm in.

  5. Also prefer dreaming than making too much precise plans. I take life as a daily surprise and avoid looking too far into the future. But sometimes I look into the past and wonder how things came the way they came. ;o)

  6. I like to believe that I do equal amounts of both, but I must admit that sometimes I'm a little too much of a dreamer!

  7. @ Mir: Yes a good walk through nature always makes me feel better.

    @Roos,kan ik me zo goed voorstellen. Ik ben ook echt aan het oefenen om mijn gedachten terug te fluiten wanneer ze de verkeerde kant uit gaan, maar met kinderen lijkt me dat een extra grote uitdaging!

    @ Ansku: Not confusing, I totally get what you're saying. I feel the same way!

    @Lisa: so true!

    @ Tania: Me too!

    @ Ida: can it be too much ;)

  8. I think about the future all the time but I am afraid to make plans. when i was younger i made tons of plans. now i'm afraid of not achieving them so i like to take the future as it comes with tiny wishes along the way. ( :