vrijdag 26 november 2010

This week I saw

Christmas coming (somehow always sooner than you think!) Busy with preparing & designing.
Enjoy your weekend!
(PS. Thank you for your inspiring comments on my last post!)

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  1. Ik denk ook alleen maar "mmmmm'! bij het zien van je plaatjes ;-)
    Fijn weekend!

  2. About your last posting,
    Every human being is born into this world "free"..often we don't realize this until we are much older. You are free to define your life in your own way.
    Indeed we are a free species! We are also "given" notions about the respectability of the "western" work ethic which is overrated. Your comments are interesting because we all have the ability to re-make ourselves in a moment. I believe your thoughts are natural and written into your DNA.
    Many cannot imagine their lives in another way because..they have never known another way of life. I also like your comments because it inspires people to let their natural instincts kick in and just be happy.
    No "material" item will ever make you happy but creativity will.

    Glad you enjoyed Thanksgiving!

  3. @ ns: reading, and reading it again and nodding and thank you :)