zondag 29 december 2013

Cooling down

I like these 'cooling down' days. Enjoying simplicity, eating left overs and thinking about new years resolutions. At the beginning of 2013 I decided to get rid of fifty things a week, this became such a constructive habit and made my life better and more enjoyable while I had to deal with some pretty hard circumstances. Now I feel extra motivated to think about some new goals for 2014. The why and the how are very important when it comes to resolutions: why do I want this (do I really really want this), how is this going to make my life better? And how am I going to make this happen? Subgoals guarantee succes on the short term and will, in my experience, keep you motivated for the long term. I'll post my list soon, love to hear about yours too!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. that's good advice, maybe i too can manage goals when i break them down into subgoals!
    happy new year anna!

  2. Wow, dat voornemen van vorig jaar, dat lijkt me toch een hele uitdaging! Ofwel had je héél véél spullen ;).
    Ik ben benieuwd naar je doelen van dit jaar!

    1. Ja blijkbaar wel, want ik ga zelfs nog even door :) zal ze deze week posten!

  3. You can do it Francesca:) happy 2014 to you too!