maandag 26 april 2010

4 men & a magnolia tree

(my little nephew -heart-)

It sure was a sunny sunday. I was supposed to cook for fifteen people, but it was so warm and we ordered chinese. More time for chatting and photographing. One of the wives joked, when I showed her the photos: 'everybody looks good in front of this tree'. And they do :)

(Someone told me about a movie that called magnolia tree..? I have to find out, cause a movie with that title has to be a good one..)

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  1. there is a movie called Steel Magnolias. If you haven't seen it it's definitely worth a watch! A little campy but a Southern Classic!

  2. "magnolia" moet je zien. echt.
    very very good. it's an ensemble sort of film with multiple story lines (are you familiar with altman's "short cuts" (which is fabulous)?
    I know comparisons are hideous, but they're not too dissimilar in structure.)

    "steel magnolias" is indeed a funny one (totally 80s and covered in pink lace, but maclaine & dukakis' friendship alone are worth it.)


    absolute Must See!!

  4. Fijn dat je je beter genoeg voelde voor een gezellige zondag zo te zien!

  5. Waaw, ik sta niet graag op de foto, maar voor die magnolia zou ik een uitzondering maken :).

  6. ;-)))
    Les magnolias c'est Claude Francois ! ;-)

  7. this could be a nice idea for a project: to put different people in front of the same thing (tree, house, ... whatever) and to look how or if it changes something.
    similar to the bunch of flowers: to check out how the thing behind the person overtakes the character of the person or the other way round...
    and you're right: they all look happy in front of the tree!
    is it for the tree or for the food or the nice company?!

  8. i love magnolia - it is my fav tree!!! but it is a pity, they don`t have bloom for a long time.

  9. @ Schanett: yes that would be awesome :)Unfortunately I didn't come too far this year (made some more pics than I showed here), and I saw they are already dropping the leaves. I love those projects you described!