zondag 18 april 2010

Flower Power

Need I say more?

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Looking at your photos I just realized that my new press is not big enough for magnolia flowers:(! Have you ever tried pressing them? Nice title Anna.

  2. nee heeerlijk! helemaal goed.

    keep that birdie in your heart luv

  3. nope! I love spring, I love flowers, I love your pictures.

  4. The flowers are coming! Fractal invasion is coming embrace it!

  5. Even your nail polish is matching;) Take care and enjoy the Spring time!

  6. I am as happy as you about the growing green and the warmth! I hope it will go on like this for months!!!

    I told the comunity that I would like moving there. They will decide next week. The moving would be in July. And my friend is informed. She was "shocked" at first and had no idea where to go and what to look for if we don't have anymore our appartement-project. But she completely understood me and said this won't disturb our friendship.
    oh yes.
    sometimes the waves in life are high... but as long as we don't fall down from the boat it's okay. that's how we learn - I guess.

    enjoy the flowers in the trees!!