maandag 12 april 2010

Tired & Uninspired

Sometimes I am a little ahead of myself..This weekend was filled with people and today I felt really tired and unispired. I try not to be to frustrated about doing so little today, but just accept that I need the time to reconnect with myself a bit.
This figure is showing up a lot in my sketchbook lately. I love her ability to reflect my mood.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. I love your sketches, Anna. They bring a smile to my face. I hope you feel better soon, and that inspiration strikes.

  2. I like this illustration a lot! Looks like a great character for a children's book :^)

    I understand this feeling very well...the ebb and flow of creativity is something that just happens ... xo

  3. For being uninspired she really is pretty adorable. I love the facial expression and all the detail. So perfect. I feel with you. Exhaustion does take away from the creative spirit. Hope your week with filled with rest and inspiration. xo

  4. I hope tomorrow will be better, although this sketch is wonderful;) I'll send you lots of energy straight from Lisbon, sunny Anna:)

  5. Like, no ♥ her. Ik zou eens op illustratie les moeten bij jou, echt!

  6. lekker even buiten wandelen, ergens thee drinken en toffe tijdschriften bekijken
    en je kan zo weer aan de slag!

    fijne dummie heb je toch...

  7. we should really learn to accept breaks.
    I sometimes think our society has difficulties to allow them...
    they teach us people should move nonstop ...
    I'm convinced that this is not good for us.
    so: take a break and enjoy it!

  8. How sweet is that face! I know what you mean...

  9. Thank you guys for your sweet comments, i'm doing better now :)
    Dat is nog eens een compliment Guusje!
    @ Pien: Ja dat is het recept he :)
    @ Schanett, Yes I experience the same, sometimes you have to go the opposite direction..

  10. Always allow yourself to be a little tired and uninspired. Otherwise you won't know what being inspired and awake truly means! the yin and yang!
    and i love love love that drawing!

  11. .... And this little girl is sooo lovely!