woensdag 21 juli 2010

Corner View: Me

This weeks corner view theme comes from Soisses and is: 'me'. It's making me a bit shy so I'll hide behind these beautiful Poppies :)
Amelia (who's writing a lot of interesting practical things about creativity) invited me to make a list of 30 things I like. I'll combine those today. Can't wait to see your 'me's'!

30 things I like:
The beach, when it’s hot and when it’s cold /Black coffee in the morning/Making the most of every day/Walking on bare feet/Watching cooking programmes/To have my camera with me all the time/Walking through the pouring rain/To realize an image that is in my head/Magazines about house decorating /Buying and making gifts/Making imagery wish lists /Getting haircuts
Learning new things /Wandering around in bookstores/Wandering through foreign supermarkets/Summer evenings outside with friends /Secretly drawing people/
Making little books/Being somewhere where nobody knows me /Finding the exact right word for something/Learning new words in foreign languages/Make, make, making things/
Talking about places where I want to go/Motivating people/Cheese/Reading biographies/Listening to talkshows on the radio while working/Train stations & airports
A bit of craziness/And last but not least a BIG one, where I am thinking about a lot how to achieve that in my life: Freedom.

19 opmerkingen:

  1. great self portrait!!!
    and love your list :)

  2. Love your list! Can me easily mine.
    Lovely portaint.

  3. This is such a list!
    & your selfportrait is beautiful!

  4. I love poppies and your portrait is wonderful, Sunny Anna:)
    And your list...obrigada!

  5. No need to hide Anna!! Even though the poppies are fab ;-)

  6. We have a lot in common!

    Beautiful red poppies and beautiful girl :^)

  7. 'Being somewhere where nobody knows me' - me too. It's so liberating, don't you think? :-)

  8. your list is great. now i know a little bit more about you - like that ;-) you are really symphatic!!!

  9. How cute this shot is of you!! LOVE it!

  10. You are a sweet me :)
    Come see my giveaway

  11. You managed a beautiful artsy photo of you half-hiding behind the poppies! Hope you achieve freedom, and learn new things - and all the rest.

  12. Hmm, maybe I know you cause I know myself ;-)
    Beautiful poppies,you clicked.

  13. So many things on your list that could easilly be on mine, as well! Perhaps that's why I found your blog interesting right away, as I just came for my first visit.

    I'll be back! :)

  14. Oh, and we even have the same name! I'm Anna, too! :DD