zondag 11 juli 2010


No need to buy an expensive ticket, the tropics came (and have been here for the past weeks actually) here. Last night it even included a tropical storm. My train was the only one that was still going and when I got home I had to sit in the dark because of the thunder (didn't mind it though :). No trace of the nice fresh air this morning. I'll just imagine living in a Frida Kahlo world..
(& now I'm off too find myself something orange for tonight :)

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  1. hmm what happened to my comment? I wrote something about the heat here in Portugal ...

  2. I didn't see it..must be something wrong :(
    The heat in Portugal must be even 'worse' right now?

  3. I know what you mean- it's pretty unbearable here too!

  4. :-o wow!
    Here we had a lot of thunder and lightning this evening but the weather seems to stay warm, which makes me really happy!

    I love how the colour translates from the first to the second photo.

  5. Ook hier een onweer zonder verkoeling!
    Heel mooie foto's vind ik!

  6. Such a fun post! Love Frida.
    We are about to have a huge tropical like storm too today. I want to snuggle in my hammock but the humidity is super high and the clouds are rolling in. xo

  7. Its Hot! Anna I like these "moments" just like you had on the train in the darkness too. I'm with you on that one! The power of nature!
    In the meantime check out this song its perfect for the climate!

    Martha & the Vandellas Heatwave


  8. Oh, hope you wont grow her eyebrows :-) Eventhough they are lovely!!

  9. @ ns: you're right: perfect! :)
    @ Provins: F.K. would have been interesting for your hairproject. I'm afraid it wouldn't look that good on me ;)

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