zaterdag 7 augustus 2010

The Best Ingrediënts

Somehow I didn't wake up with the best mood this morning. So I decided to cheer myself up with the best ingrediënts I know: food & art! This salade is the perfect saturday treat, it's inspired by a receipy I found in an old summer magazine: Rocket mixed salade, raspberries, goat cheese, chives, roasted hazelnuts, radish, lemon, sprinkled with walnut oil and raspberry vinegar.
The last three photos I took at the library and are from the photographer Hendrik Kerstens.

P.S.Thank you so much Roos for the stylish blog award!, I'll get back to it :)

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat neem je toch mooie foto's!
    En ik wens je nog een vrolijke dag, geniet nog van de oppeppers :).

  2. Ik was gisteren al even hier maar kon niet typen in het donker ;-)
    Ik dacht precies hetzelfde bij de foto!

    Dat is toch de dochter van de fotograaf (of was dat een andere fotograaf ...?)

  3. Heel graag gedaan Anna ;-)
    Eten en kunst, wat heeft een mens nog meer nodig in 't leven!? Fijne zondag!

  4. Wat grappig! Klopt, het is inderdaad zijn dochter!

  5. That's nourishing food for the body and mind:)

  6. Exactly! Good food and good art - the best way to get rid of a bad mood. Oh, and maybe some happy music :^) Take care, and have a good week!

  7. Wow, those portraits are powerful!! Thanks for the link, I'll go check it out right now...

  8. Vandaag lekkerder wakker geworden?
    Even een snelle p.s. om te zeggen dat ik je volg & op mijn leeslijst heb gezet :-)
    Goede start van de week gewenst!

  9. Food and art! Nice recipe to be happy ;)

    Thanks for the link. I hope your day will be nice...

  10. Anna I love the combination of food and art together, Monet knew this that is why he cooked so often! I really enjoy looking through "your" eye your perception of art.

    This is "art" providing a different view than you are normally used to.

  11. @ ns: didn't know that about Monet, you really are an encyclopdia of funny food facts :)
    I think the perception of art in general is changing..I'm excited to see where it's going!