zondag 29 augustus 2010

Spoiling the Senses

First reflecting on the storm of images* that is now part of our daily life here and the next day participating in it here, surrendering to it. Spoiling the senses with images, sounds, movement, taste and even smell**.

This was the end of my birthdayweek. Not a bad start.
(Dank H. :) & now I'll enjoy some sunday silence, with all impressions still in my head.
* If you have a close look you may discover yours sincerely between the images :)
**Nursery Piece, Job Koelewijn 2010
PS For 'This week I saw' see sidebar.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Supercool!
    en wat een mooie DWZI, Antwerpen altijd fijn.

    geniet van de rust ;-)

    haha en goed plan landelijkelaarzenruilactie ;-)

  2. hey old 30-years-old-girl ;-) sounds like a fantastic week.

  3. It was :)! Not 30 yet, but going towards (maybe I didn't say it quite right)

  4. such intriguing images for the senses. I love them because the images are so evocative . . .


  5. This is what I call an inspirational and spiritual days celebrating your birth.
    I wish you,

    Balance of emotion
    Balance of the mind
    Balance of the body

  6. Yes balance is the key word :) thank you..