dinsdag 10 augustus 2010


Creative people are blessed. Maybe even spoiled. Feeling like being in love most of the time. Butterflies jumping up and down in your stomach. But..butterflies come and go. That's what they do. And when they go -Scared by little things. Anoying things. Like big to-do-lists or physical discomfort or worries- Than I miss them terribly.

I think I saw one this morning. It's a start. I'll just patiently remove the 'scary' stuff and wait for this one to take his friends back with him.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Ja, gek is dat he? Die kwetsbaarheid. Maar hij is er bij mij nu eenmaal. Ik zal er mee moeten leren omgaan.

    Dikke kussen, Guusje

    (die jouw werk prachtig vind)

  2. It's exactly like that!

    I don't know anything that buries creativity as badly as to-do-lists. I hope your butterflies come back very soon!

  3. i know the feeling. ugh. do i ever! i just want to go in my studio, lock the door, and not come out for a couple of days.
    i love love love that painting!
    thanks for liking my new place!

  4. i give you a big hug! i know the feeling you are talking about. i think we are crazy.... sometimes!

    nice picture - good job!

  5. ze zijn zo terug.
    ssssssshhhhhh, listen, I can hear their wings fluttering away :)