zondag 21 februari 2010

:) & :(

Unfortunately the last few days I wasn't feeling to well (3) , spend saturday mostly on the couch, not really being able to do anything and frustrated because I had to cancel two things I was looking forward to, but what can I say..shit happens. Shit also happend for the Dutch cabinet, which collapsed yesterday. So by exception we were talking politics at the sunday coffee I had at my parents house(2). There were also some highlights, friday I had a great day sharing inspirations and frustrations ;) with 5. & 6 , yesterday bichosdamatos. gave me the kreative blog award (thank you! :) which I will answer and pass on hopefully tomorrow and today looking out of the window I saw the sun winking at me. Really.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoe is het nu met je? Mooie foto uit ons huisje...ik herkende het bijna niet! Wat heb ik ervan genoten ..van je zijn bij me!

  2. Snel weer beter worden!

    PS. Ben je vegatarisch?
    Hou je van zout, bitter, zuur of zoet, of toch allemaal?
    Visje erbij?
    Healthfreak of snackmonster?


  3. like the pics and the story... but i really hope you feel better soon! wish you a nice week! yours dani

  4. @ merel: een stuk beter, ja het was fijn :) en jij hebt gewoon een heel mooi huisje (wat straks nog mooier gaat worden :D)

    @ Guusje: net m'n 'food profile' op de spring swap gezet, ik heb echt zo'n zin om aan de slag te gaan!

    @ D Thank you Dani, have a great week too!

  5. love your collage. i heard birds singing outside my window today. i´m taking that as a sign that the days are warming up. glad you are feeling better. have a great week!

  6. @ Jane: My heart made a little jump with reading 'warming up' sigh.. :)