maandag 1 februari 2010

Time Travel

The tv shot was made with help from , a lot of fun (via tiene) . I'm wearing a hat I refound during clearing out my closet, I inherited it from my grandma, who spend a lot of money on hats. The book (from around 1935) was a gift from Merel, and a beatiful addition to my collection. Is it realy 2010?

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow Anna! Ik dacht je al een eerder gezien te hebben! Geweldige foto´s!

  2. great collection!!!
    YES it`s 2010 ;-)
    i want to see the old hat from your grandma...

    xxx soisses

  3. Old things are great, they lived several lives;)but I confirm you're on 2010!

  4. You also have a thing for hats, so that's where you get it from!

  5. Thanks merel en Sakura :)/I'll try to post some more hats Soisess/ They certainly are Bichos!/Yep it runs in the family Fracesca :)